Hi there, I'm Kai Xiang!

(You can call me Kai or Kai Xiang!)

I am a storyteller, researcher and journalist, passionate about digital rights, tech policy and freedom of expression. My research and work thus far has focused on information policy, internet studies, and the use of technology for social justice.

I excel at developing persuasive and innovative content, extracting insights from data and analytics, and building effective digital strategies.

🏳️‍🌈✊Making a personal difference and striving towards better institutions and governance are the main drivers of my work.

Twitter: @teo_kai_xiang

Email: teokaixiang [at] protonmail [dot] com

Examples of my work include:

  • Singapore Internet Watch: a group focusing on research at the intersection of Singapore's internet and society. A key example of our research is the POFMA'ed Dataset, which tracks every electronic communication subject to Singapore’s law against "fake news."

  • Singapore Samizdat: my newsletter of stories on the media and politics of Singapore — conveyed through data journalism, interactive media and visual storytelling.

  • Flashpoints: an educational and interactive narrative game developed with the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague that places readers in the perspective of key actors as they navigate important dilemmas in the field of counter-terrorism.

Work: My background is in peace and security, journalism, and public speaking.

Education: My educational background covers the intersection between media studies, sociology, and political science.

  • I am currently pursuing a MPhil in Sociology of Media and Culture at the University of Cambridge as a Chevening and Cambridge Trust Scholar. My dissertation focuses on data governance and civic engagement in Singapore, and has received the Hart-Marshall Arts and Humanities Prize from Clare Hall.

  • Bachelor's degree in Political Science / International Relations from Leiden University.

  • Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media (essentially: journalism and filmmaking) from Singapore Polytechnic.

Research interests: My research focuses on information manipulation (censorship, propaganda), online civil society, and the use of technology by marginalised groups / for social justice.

In my spare time: I produce content (🎮 games and interactive media, 🖨️ procedural generation, and 📝 journalism).